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The Goddess and the Pat

So, decide your children should actually learn SCIENCE in their Science classes, and have televangelists threaten you with God's wrath. 

See, this is why I don't believe in God. Well, not in one who actually gives a shit about day to day things, anyway.  If this idiot claimed he was speaking for ME, he'd be struck by lightning then turned into a turd blossom.


Yuck. What a twit. I would be horrified also if someone like that would claim to be speaking for me.

He does not match my ideas either. Thanks for another example of 'divine madness'.
I am sure as heck going to Hell for what I am thinking about that ass!

Thank God there is a difference between faith and religion! Ha - I bet God even planned it that way!

And why would you want him to be turned into a "turd blossom"? That just gives them a bad name!