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Save Your Vote

We have no business letting our bought and paid for elected officials get away with approving voting machines that have no paper trail and no way of verifying that your vote was registered the way you wanted it to be.

We in Florida certainly ought to know better.

And as a worker bee at a voting precinct I certainly know better. Quite a few folks, even with optical scanners, are confused and need assistance.

And, with optical scanners we have a paper ballot to check against the electronic talleys.  We can then go back and actually count the paper sheets to be sure our precincts voters get counted the way they wanted to!

But some states and counties are approving voting machines that offer no such double check. These machines can be easily tampered with, or, more benignly, just break in the middle of an election, and your vote will be LOST!

So, don't let them adopt machines with no paper trail. Tell Congress you value your vote!! Fight for it!

Go here and sign up for this very important petition to keep our country free! DO IT.


unrelated note

The usually disgusting comic strip "Mallard Fillmore" mentioned
Niceville, FL a couple of days ago. I thought of you.