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No New Fishing Report

For this week. Ah well. Jim had to go out of town Thursday and Friday
suddenly, so that shot those two days. Yesterday Jim and Dot decided it was
too windy - right. Today they did go out for a boat ride (I was working)
and Dot got to visit Crab Island - that is the mecca for sun and fun lovers.

Crab Island is never exactly an island except perhaps for an hour or two in
the winter when the water is really really down due to northerly winds. It
is near the Destin Pass where the Gulf of Mexico flows into Choctawhatchee
Bay. The water in the Pass and at Crab Island is generally crystal clear
and very green. Boats hook up to each other and folk wade in the water,
although parts of it are deep enough that you need to swim over it. It's
your general mad touristy crowded spot.

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