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Well, the last few days have been pretty miserable. First, my iPod stopped
talking to my PC for no apparent reason. I reinstalled the ipod software
and itunes numerous times with no change in the status of things. Finally,
in desperation, I reinstalled using the original CD that came with the ipod
even if that was 6 months and quite a few upgrades of both itunes and ipod
software ago.

Then I had to delete everything off the ipod because it was created with
newer software and couldn't read the music library. Holding my breath I
reset the ipod to original condition. Thankfully, that got both pieces of
equipment talking to each other.

I then upgraded Itunes (at it's insistence). Hold breath. Will they still
talk to one another? Hurrah! They do.

But I'm too paranoid now to upgrade the ipod software. I'm thinking maybe
the latest Windows hotfix might have created the problem but who knows?

All this because I was hurrying to create Jim's playlist so he could take
the iPod with him to Desert Springs (home of the Predator). So what
happens? His TDY is delayed for at least a week anyway.

So then this morning, suddenly my PC starts having the BSOD and immediate
crash. I undocked it and it would start fine. WTF? I had downloaded Zone
Alarm free version.

At first I thought it was something else and did restore points to figure
that out. Then, once it was working again, I re-downloaded Zone Alarm
(glutton for punishment) and bedamned if the damn thing didn't start BSODing

Sigh. Undocked, removed Zone Alarm, did not restore. Docked it back up and
lo and behold it worked fine. No BSOD no major crash.

Man, I am not gonna play with this thing again other than just getting email
and reading the news. I swear!!!

When is Mercury getting out of retrograde?

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"Remember the Shaman who used to say, Man is the dream of the
Dolphin." - Enigma
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