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It's been a long, hard, er, afternoon and evening

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Valdosta Georgia. We got here at 9:30. it's now around midnight. Tried to meet up with the in-laws to get Mom home for a doctor's appointment. What with Charley, they decided to try a route inland and ended up galavanting all over South Carolina. I told them I'd see them somewhere (hopefully around Macon GA) in the morning and hand off Mom to them them then. At the moment she's asleep in the bed right here.

Yes, she does sound like a baton in a rally, your point?

I'm exhausted. Heading to bed.

Oh, and I personally want to thank each and every power truck in the hugely long convoys headed south. I well remember when we were without power for a week after Opal. We wanted to kiss the guys who finally made that happen.