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What an Iraqi Thinks on the Third Year Anniversary

Riverbend, an Iraqi girl blogger has a post up again:

"It was years later before I learned that half the family were Sanafir, and the other half were Shanakil, but nobody cared. We didn't sit around during family reunions or family dinners and argue Sunni Islam or Shia Islam. The family didn't care about how this cousin prayed with his hands at his side and that one prayed with her hands folded across her stomach. Many Iraqis of my generation have that attitude. We were brought up to believe that people who discriminated in any way- positively or negatively- based on sect or ethnicity were backward, uneducated and uncivilized.

The thing most worrisome about the situation now, is that discrimination based on sect has become so commonplace. For the average educated Iraqi in Baghdad, there is still scorn for all the Sunni/Shia talk. Sadly though, people are being pushed into claiming to be this or that because political parties are promoting it with every speech and every newspaper- the whole 'us' / 'them'. We read constantly about how 'We Sunnis should unite with our Shia brothers...' or how 'We Shia should forgive our Sunni brothers...' (note how us Sunni and Shia sisters don't really fit into either equation at this point). Politicians and religious figures seem to forget at the end of the day that we're all simply Iraqis."

Too bad the goddam politicians don't talk to Iraqis rather than assuming they know so damn much.

Instead we listen to idiots with agendas who have no freakin' clue about the REAL WORLD (tm) and instead push some fantasy into idiots like Dubya's ears.


You know, this seems to be a universal phenominon... the ordinary people know what's wrong, and even know how to fix it. But the rulers and leaders haven't got a clue about what the hell is going on, and seem not to care since they are pushing their own agenda.

Makes you wonder why we continue to support them, doesn't it?