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Spring Report from the Bayou

Happily it is cooler and drier today so I am able to have the house open again.

Thusly I can smell the wisteria and enjoy the noise from the purple martins who have taken up residence in our fancy apartment house (complete with owl guard).

Watching them drag in grass runners longer than they are for their nests is a hoot.

Most of the ducks seem to have left.  No more loons that I can see, but we do still have a few straggler buffleheads and grebes.

Most of the still winter plumage goldfinches have left but the raspberry finches have babies and I think I heard baby wrens already. Cardinals and sparrows and tufted titmice and chickadees are still on their nests.  Even was serenaded by a nightjar the other night.

As for flowers, verebenas are blooming along with the wisteria.  My lantana is leafing out and will be back soon, and the miniature petunias I planted last year are back.  My borganvilla is flowering and I will move it outside soon.

My oleander is not flowering quite yet, nor are the amyrillis.  

The live oaks are losing their leaves to prepare for the advent of seed pods, and the cypress is brilliant green.

Green pollen abounds ;-}


Frost on the roof this morning *strong temptation to say "Drop dead! but that would be nasty*
Yes, I imagine reports of spring are annoying for those still cold and wet. But remember, I will be terrified for quite a few months during Hurricane season. I have to take my enjoyment where I can.
What I'd like to know is where Global Warming is hiding out at the moment. This is cold even for England.
I made a similar remark about Global Warming today.
Had to scrape the ice off the windshield again this morning (and we're up for more in the coming nights, oh joy).
Actually, I was reading something on global warming, and one of the things postulated as a result of global warming is the disappearance of the Gulf Stream which is what warms England.

So if global warming is indeed beginning to happen, one of the things they will see is a disruption in the Gulf Stream, which _would_ mean colder weather for the UK.

I thought, a few months ago, I saw an article that did indeed report a minor fluctuation of the Gulf Stream and that scientists were watching it to determine if it was a temporary thing or a harbinger of more to come.

Scary stuff...