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Science Guy causes uproar!!!

Bob Nye, the science guy, the most uncontroversial fellow you can imagine, got Waco, Texas folks all upset.

How, you ask? 

He reported that the moon does not emit its own light, but reflects the light of the sun.  How uncontroversial is that?

Well you should ask..

Several people in the audience stormed out of his address at this point screaming, "We believe in God!"


*headdesks repeatedly* But I'm surprised Bill hasn't caused this sort of brouhaha before, just by being his Science Guy self.
He reported that the moon does not emit its own light, but reflects the light of the sun.

Come on. Tell me he's kidding.

Of course, this is an example of human idiocy. I'd say that taking Genesis to be the literal truth is not believing in God, but believing in Sumerian mythology, because that's where those stories come from. But you won't hear people yelling:

"I believe in Marduk!"

But then, maybe it's the same thing. I think most "Christians" don't believe in God, they just believe in a book. It's not the same thing.
I'm glad you put the quotes. I'd rather not use the term about them at all.

This corresponds a lot more to my views:


Doubtless they would be even more outraged at it.
Good article! It sums up what I think too. Or as I'm fond of saying to Republicans "Who would Jesus carpet-bomb?"
*thwap* *headdesk*

Oy vey... what the heck century do they thing they're in?!


Nice to know ...

some Christians (of the sort I grew up with) still exist. http://tinyurl.com/hug8l

Even Australia is becoming infected by 'God Botherers'.
I think what I find most disturbing is that they rant the best sermons about propriety and governance, yet when asked those very questions of their own behaviour, duck and weave better than Mohammed Ali!

CuriousWolf *mildly boggled*

PS - And what is so hard to accept that G-d might have hung a big mirror up there to reflect the sun? "Two lights in the sky" does not define form, only job description *drily* One has to wonder if these people follow the rest of Exodus about the lighting of their homes or other behaviours? *cyncal? who me?*

Re: Nice to know ...

I just want to beat them over the head, you know?