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Oi, yesterday started a really busy week for me.  Saturday was our all day Crisis Line training session. We had a great turnout for a change, with 19 students. Training went well, with only minor glitches.

Prior to the training, we trainers had a meeting with a guy doing an evaluation of the program for management. Man, did he get an earful. Poor thing.  We bitched royally about management, and said we were the bastard stepchildren of the organization and we were damn tired of it.

Nothing new, most of those complaints go back for 20 odd years since I've been volunteering there.

Especially this year though since the parent organization just won an award for being such a great outfit mostly because of us! 

Tomorrow I go to training for early voting, tuesday for training for regular voting, wednesday for training for Sexual Trauma Team.  I'll be exhausted by Thursday...

Other than that, the weather here has been amazing. We might get rain tomorrow, but we need it desperately so that is a good thing.


good luck with everything!

It's been nice here on the east coast as well:)

Re: good luck with everything!

I love the fall. My favourite season.