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Solstice Spoils!

Well, only one photo at the moment.

lourdesmont  made this doll of my character Julian Vyse/Vaurien  Isn't he gorgeous????

Thanks so much Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!


It took some time to find just the right pieces to complete Julian but - oh - I am so glad that you like him! I - and my characters - have always kept a special place in our hearts for Julian. He tries so hard to hide his true self from the world and I just wanted to show a bit of his heart and I think the face on this doll does that.

May he bring you many years of joy and inspiration!
Marvelous work. Congratulations, you are very good at this!
Thank you! It's nice to know my work can make others happy!
Amazing! Very clever!
wow, he's great! Good job, Lisa!