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The Gangs are Here, the Gangs are Here!

it is very windy today and still quite cold.The wind has pushed out a lot of water, so stretches of sand which are usually well underwater are peeping out along the shorelines.  The usual denizens are around. Cardinals, a blue jay, a not very happy looking woodpecker. About 20 or so olive drab goldfinches, and the usual raspberry and house finches, titmice and wrens. Also, the snake birds, loons, pelicans and great blue herons. In fact, we had a fight going on for a bit between a pelican and a great blue. The poor Blue kept trying to fly away and the pelican would fly after him and attack him. It was very odd.  I've also heard the osprey although I haven't actually seen him today.

Then, with the gusty winds, came the gangs:  soaring through the air, swinging in great arcs, first northwards, then back southwards, landing in the nearby trees and fighting over the good branches. Then off they'd go again. Eastward, back westward, cutting the corner around the house, so close to the porch and windows we could almost reach out and touch them. Hundreds of the suckers!!!!!  Beware the cedar waxwings!!!!!!!!!!!!!



stay warm,