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I'm sitting in my car

... I cannot connect to the internet in my room but can from my car in the parking lot.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't remember where it is, but I was told the story of teenagers who cruise slowly down streets in cars with laptops on, trying to find hot spots The kids then spray paint a mark on the curb to notify other users.
In the case being told, one of the hot spots belonged to a relative of the teller, who had neglected to password protect access. He noticed a trend of strangers parking in front of the house, and finally asked what was going on.
When visiting my parents, we occasionally get a better connection from their neighbors' signal than from their dial-up.
I can easily believe that. my home network has a password, of course... altho we live on a dead-end street so it is hard for roaming teens to have much of an excuse to drive by. altho many people do sit at the end of the road since it dead-ends into the Bay.
Poor baby...