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What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris

Finally,  a mystery I didn't guess! 

A woman is found mutilated and raped in a church (no, not in Whitechapel). A dueling pistol is discovered by her body and traces to the son of a politically connected Earl. So bad enough its a ton who's suspected of murdering an actress/prostitute, but his daddy is  the exchequer of the current government.

A magistrate and a couple of Bow Street Runners go to arrest him. One of the constables ends up with a knife in him and the lord takes to his heels. Everyone expects Devlin to head out of the country, but instead he decides he is going to clear his name.

The hero is appealing, the story is convoluted, and the history adds a bit of spice, as this all takes place as the King has just been declared mad and the Prince is about to be Prince Regent.

Our hero runs a mad dash across London, persued by most everyone, as he tries to figure out just who killed the darling of the stage, and more importantly just why.



Thanks for the rec!
The other books in the series are quite good too!