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Public Announcement

Don't piss any guys off in Niceville. You might get hit in the face with a machete.


What kind of evolutionary throwbacks would actually attack 2 people with a machete?
machete is an unfunny weapon to me ever since the Ruandan genocide. Deadly deadly (and I remember the stories of the people hiding beneath piles and piles of dead friends in a church because the man of peace, the man of God (sic!!!, no sick!!) had gathered them in the church and then opened the door to the butchers. Oh I see the rivers literally running red with blood, and I only saw it from the safe distance at TV. No, not funny at all.

(sorry, I don't mean to sound heavy handed and I certainly don't want to sound like I accuse you of anything at all, it is just, levity comes a bit hard to day)
no it isnt very funny. it is frightening, rather, that someone because they were angry would pull out a machete to use on someone else.