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Am I the only person in the world who finds the whole 'macro' thing, utterly ... boring?


I didn't know they existed until a few days ago. I joined a community and posted, boy was I slammed with macros.
No spoilers? What fun is that?

(Actually, it's kind of annoying, I WANT spoilers, and no one ever gives me any.)
Not boring, but I don't see the point of it. The made up language annoys me. Seems it all started with cats...
I find a fair amount of the cat ones funny. I'm a cat person, what else can I say? :-)
Yeah. Boring. Mostly I ignore them.


I'll filter from now on.
LOL probably not. And that is cool.

But I will admit, I like those silly macros. My job can be stressful and those darn macros always manage to bring a smile here at the office.

If you've ever been on icanhascheezeburger.com the walrus and his bucket just kill me. I laugh so hard at them. It is a running joke up there now.

PS - Your comment reminded me of this icon ::points:: I totally forgot I had it! LOLOL
The only macro's I know of are the funny little snippets of code one can record in wordprocessors, like WordPerfect.
I assume those are not the macro's you are talking about, so could you enlighten me about the kind you find so boring?
If you are bored too much, then don't even bother, it would probably bore me too in that case.

'splanation for paganpaul

Mostly they're called LOLCATS, cat_macros, etc. et al. -- silly pictures of cats with silly sayings on them in catspeak (which is definitely NOT grammatical humanspeak). There are variants, like LOLPresidents, and someone did a takeoff on "The Trouble with Tribbles" that had me giggling at my desk, but the common form is cats. (See a rudimentary example in my icon. Not very funny, save as a joke between me and the friend who made it, but I likes it.)

Re: 'splanation for paganpaul

Ah... thank you very much for explaining. I find these things mildly amusing at best.
I would never have guessed this by myself!

Re: 'splanation for paganpaul

They've gone far beyond cats now. people are doing them for everything. pirates, sci fi shows, storlines, you name it. I can't figure out what half the words are supposed to be so why bother with them?

Re: 'splanation for paganpaul

I usually watch the icons/avatars/whateveryouchoosetonamethems and if their meaning is not clear in the first glance I don't care. Then they ae beyond their purpose...
No, you're not.

The pictures are often very cute, I admit, and sometimes the accompanying joke is, too. But I find the mangling of language extremely offensive and irritating. There's enough bad writing, illiteracy, and incoherence in the world as it is--especially on the 'Net, and especially among young people--without doing it on purpose. It's worse than text-speak. Anyone who got as many serious, but almost incomprehensible, e-mails as I do (about my vampire websites and articles) might understand this better. Let's set a better example, for pete's sake!

Besides, my cats understand correct English! (They understand vulgarisms, too, you should see the looks when I say f**k! That's because pillows have been known to fly next, if I'm swearing at them. *wry smile*)
yes, half the time I can't even figure out what the words are supposed to be...

the pictures are generally cute. and the story might even be fun. but if I can't figure out what the heck the words are what good are they?
I can interpret the macros without much problem. I guess I just take language and communication, in general, very seriously. I can read, to a greater or lesser extent, five different languages (English, Spanish, French, Welsh, Latin)--and then I know multiple computer languages--and being confronted with gibberish-that-means-something makes my neurons overheat. *sigh*

It's also 98 degrees here today (base temperature, not heat index) and I'm probably a bit testy.
oh, I feel for you with regard to the heat! It is cooler here today as we are getting quick hits of thundershowers so the temps are cooler than they have been. But then everyone here has central air so we have a place to hide when it gets really hot.

When we lived in Connecticut we had air in one bedroom so we'd hide in there when it got into the nineties. Thankfully that was fairly rare. Now, 30+ years later, you guys seem to hit the highs far more often.

But not to worry, there is no global warning. Our Dumbya says so.
oh, it isn't just you! In fact you're the least of it. You don't send whole stories in macros... oi. they are cute for a bit, but after that getting too many is ... well, I'd really get a post about someone's life or worries, you know?
Yeah, utterly boring just about describes it. The first, oh, five thousand or so were cute, but...