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NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

So I finally broke 40,000. Got on a roll with a new development in the story and am sort of happy with things but of course it will change older bits... Alas... Being as obsessive as I am, I might have to go back and do editing - yes, yes, I know we aren't supposed to but I'm finding myself obessing about the parts that are no longer right rather than obsessing about the writing!

Saw the first few loons this morning. The sunrise was glorious and the water on the bay and bayou were like glass, not a ripple disturbing the mirror of the sky.

Yesterday, there must have been several hundred birds working the tide line. They were too far away for me to make out exactly what they were. Generally they are seagulls (which really only come back this far inland when following the shrimp boats back in), terns, pelicans and cormorants. But at this time of the year sometimes their numbers are swollen wtih loons and mergansers and grebes.

I've yet to see the usual parade the marsh hens (also called coots and mud ducks) put on, but then I haven't been looking for them at dawn and at dusk. Marsh hens are little black birds that swim really oddly, because their necks are so far forward on their bodies. Their heads therefore jerk forward and backward with each kick of a webbed foot. They gather in groups and travel along the shores feeding in the shallow waters.