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Gustav Update

Since the storm didn't really intensify and it's seemed to turn a bit West, we are having minimal effects.  Winds are around 20mph sustained with gusts in the 30 mph range. We have water breaking over the seawall, churned up by the winds, and we expect the water to rise up further and be well into the yard later.

The rain bands this morning have been slightly to our west, only by a few miles, though. Jim is on the beach for Turtle Patrol and he said it was pouring there and they are trying to time their ATV runs between heavy rain showers.

No sign of lost power around here, and the shelters in Pensacola ( about 30 miles to our west) are filled with NOLA evacuees. Our county has no shelters open at this time. No road closures yet either, but as water rises pushed in by Gustav that may change for some coastal roads.

Our storm surge should be minimal though, around 3 feet.


Glad to know your power is still on! I can deal with the wind and the rain as long as the power stays on.

We had all those lovely feeder bands yesterday and it poured! The streets were starting to flood again. Heck, we are just getting over the flooding from Fay. And windy - whoa! We had six foot waves down at Fort Myers Beach. It was pretty amazing!

Stay safe!