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Alabama - sigh

So I was watching the local news last night. A rare occurrence for me because it nearly always makes me crazy. Most of our TV stations come out of Mobile Alabama, the largest big city near us. WKRG put on a teaser about the crash of a Blue Angel in the Gulf just off Pensacola that happened in the afternoon, so I kept the station tuned to hear if the pilot was okay (he is but they haven't recovered his plane and might not be able to).

Then I saw this report:

"Should books with homosexual themes and characters be banned? One Alabama lawmaker thinks so. Now he's backing a bill that would take the books off the shelves for good at Alabama public libraries and schools. Representative Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa wants to prohibit state money from being spent on any materials or programs that recognize or promote homosexuality. If his bill passes, books like "The Color Purple," " The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Brideshead Revisited" could be banned. And, college theatre groups would not be able to perform plays like Tennessee Williams' classic "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof." Representative Allen says the method of weeding out objectionable material and programs was still to be determined. His bill has been prefiled for action in the 2005 session."

College theatre groups. Colleges affected. Geez.

Worse, was a poll the station had run (and that I can't find online) that asked Alabamans if they thought books about homosexuals should be banned. The result, something like 65% said YES!!!