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BSG Finale

I kept having flashes of Julian May's Pliocene Saga there at the end.

Have I said lately how much I hate Laura Roslin.  Glad THAT's over with.

I could have done without most of the flashbacks showing everyone being a total ass. Really. We already knew they were human, and could be asses on occasion. Adama heaving in the alleyway was particularly horrid.

The only flashback I thought worth the time and effort was Boomer's, since it actually substantially contributed to the storyline.

I thought they were gonna explain the red dress. If they did so I didn't get it.

Gaius actually came through there on Galactica with the God speech. Good for him. "God isn't on any side. God doesn't take sides." Now if only the rest of the world would get that, including the militaries and politicians and stupid stupid athletes!

Anders. My guy.


I was there with you in the Pliocene. And I have to admit, that though she annoyed me too, watching Laura Roslin sicken and die had me up until 3AM crying. That wound is still way too raw in me, sadly.

I teared up at the end with the ships sailing into the sun and the old series music playing.
yes, I can imagine it was awfully raw for you to watch.

Yes, I loved Anders from the start so was most happy to see him a hero.

And I'm already re-reading Many Coloured Land, lol