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Moral Absolutism

Reading defenses of religion, I often encounter the complaint that the modern, secular world is caught up in moral relativism. What we need, however, are moral absolutes.

I've seen this argument uaed a ton of times against those of us who espouse no religion, and against modern thinking generally. That we are, gasp, relativists.

I'm worse, I'm an existentialist. So I really don't get it. So let me ponder this aloud (sic) a moment:

We should all love religion because it has moral absolutes. Like, say, the 10 commandments?  Surely those are supposed to be absolutes for all who claim the Christian religion.


So. Taking only one of them:  Thou shalt not kill.

So, it is wrong to kill. Wrong to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran - not to mention Iraq, and unmanned drone attacks on wedding parties - and all Christians are against the death penalty, right??  Right???????????

Oh, wait....