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More on SpongeBob

Oh, this is great!!!!



Oooh ...

(breathe in, breathe out, repeat as necessary)

When I was a child things were not easy ... not enough food, always cold, the rooms were smelly, cross-border raids killed too many people on both sides ... And I know that life was not much easier for you, Julian.

So I get through all the horse-hockey stuff that is my life and I finally have the husband I fought for and the children I prayed for. I keep my faith strong and close to my heart because it sustained me through far too many dark times in my life.

Suddenly there are a bunch of silly stupid folks who think that God is some nasty, bigoted old fart who wants everything to go back to "Men Rule, Women Stay Pregnant and Children Should Be Seen & Not Heard". These same folks think that THEY have the Divine Right to impose what they believe is God's Plan.

Well ... excuse me!!!!!!

I waited a VERY long time for my children and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to deny them their childhood! Spongebob is a FLIPPIN' cartoon, for pity sake! Subversive? I think these Old Poops need to go back and rewatch Bugs Bunny if they want subversive!

I have only one comment for these idiots ...

"Screw you, screw your mother and screw the horse you rode in on!" (Thanks, D'Arcy!)

(grumble ... rassafrassin ... blippityflippity ... rappinflappin ... grumble)