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Dear Pro-Torture Senators

You guys are sooooo cool! Never let it be said that you aren't at the
forefront of the War on Terra {TM}.

You know your duty, you know the stakes {and how to use them!}. You aren't
gonna let anyone convince you that using terror tactics against terrorists
isn't the Right thing to do!

So Salazar, you go girl! And you Republicans, we are so happy the US will
be able to stand up in defiance of the entire rest of the world and say,
"We're the fucking biggest bullies on the block and we can do anything! Who
needs Rule of Law! {that's soooo Clintonesque}.

My country, proud of its heritage {School of the Americas rocks!}, proud of
its Constitution {well, most of it - but those Bills of Rights - they should
have been called the Clintons of Left!}, proud of its future as Empire!!!

Go Gonzales!! Yay team!