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Yet More Voting Mayhem

Monday starts a week of early voting (again).  This is the actual election for the replacement of the crooked politico.  The person who wins will hold the position until August when we have to rerun the primary election all over again in August then the actual election in November, which will be heavily voted because August and November includes the governor's race.

Voters are pissed we're having this stupid election now, since we have to redo it in August and November and I don't blame them one bit. But it's mandatory by state statute that if a State Rep resigns the election has to take place within three weeks of his resignation, so there we are.

Voters are also confused about who can vote because of stupid redistricting that split precincts to better protect the crooks already holding office.

Anyway, I'll be working early voting 5 days of six, and then the election is on April 13th.  Then we have trainings scheduled for later in April and then again in July.  Geez, it's lucky I'm retired, yeah?