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For the Lovecraftians

There is, apparently, a new book out about him entitled Master of Disgust

The Salon blurb promoting their review: "H.P. Lovecraft built his reputation as America's greatest bad writer on a loathsome edifice of unspeakable, hideous filth whose nauseating tendrils reach into the nightmarish depths of hyperbole.
By Laura Miller

Pot and Kettle


Phooey on them!

I have been addicted to Lovecraft since my brother introduced me to his writing when we both in high school. There is such an imagery to his words that you get wrapped up in it and lose yourself in the worlds he creates.

To this day I cannot read "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" without breaking into tears at the end when Nyarlathotep says:

"It was the first image you saw with the eyes of a child and it will be last image you see as an old man."

Sigh ... sob ...

Lovecraft can be so frightening and inspiring - if you just give it a chance! Stupid reviewers ...