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Oilspill Depression

At the salon where I get my hair cut, was the perfect example of how frustrated, scared and depressed the locals here are regarding what is and could happen with the oilspill.

Bad enough we were all near tears over what the oil was doing to the local animals - not just oiled birds and dolphins and whales, but the oxygen depletion in the gulf that will kill our reefs, our fish, our shrimp, our oysters and will take decades to reverse itself after, apparently, destroying everything.

From there we went on to what might happen if we have a hurricane. It seems insurance companies are already saying they will not be liable for damage to our residences and beaches by the oil. So they could refuse to pay for damages.  Our insurance charges are already sky high, now we find out that they might not even cover us after we pay them giant bucks.  We face the real prospect of losing our homes completely.

Of course we all ended up even more depressed when talking about the fact that there is STILL no solution!  The well continues to gush oil.

People are angry, frustrated and furious that the government continues to let BP remain in charge of cleanup efforts. 

Of course the network news shows continue to spend hours covering the most inane shit possible, rather than actually addressing the many major issues facing the country.

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