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Uh oh. There's a definite downside to the new roof. It is making truly
eerie sounds with the winds currently blowing gale force... I shudder to
think what it will sound like in a hurricane. Scared the crap out of poor
Raven, who just fled to go hide under something.



Well, you could always go up there with a mallet and tune your roof so it sounds more musical.
boink boink, boom, rattle, clunk...


Rain on a tin roof

There is absolutely nothing like the sound of fat raindrops hitting a tin roof after several weeks of hot dry weather. The sudden chill in temperature and the smell of the dust being washed out of the air, and that peculiar eucalyptus/red dust smell that is peculiar to WA is one of the best things about this time of year ...

But then, I don't live in a cyclone/hurricane 'valley' and I'm still going to be drier than you, since Australia looks to have another El Nino event happening again this year ...

*wry grin*
Curious Wolf

Re: Rain on a tin roof

What is really weird is that rain isn't any different on this roof than it was on the old asphalt shingle roof. Just the wind thingy. There is an area where the topmost bit of roof overhangs a lower roof and the difference in height is only maybe a foot or two. I suspect it is the narrowness of this and the wind blowing across the raised ridges of the metal roof that is causing the sound. It is eerie, but not particularly annoying once you realize there really isn't a dump truck in your yard. ::grin::

How is your new house and garden coming along, Curious? I'm dying to get to putting my garden back together after it's unexpected demise due to Hurricane Ivan. But we are probably going to have at least one more freeze so I'm trying very hard not to go to the nursery and spend a bunch on plants just yet.