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Review: A Test of Wills–Charles Todd

Ian Rutledge survived WWI with body intact, but his mind is very nearly broken to pieces, His lover left him because she was afraid of him, he has a voice in his head, and he's tempted to self destruction, In an attempt to piece his life back together again, he returns to his job at Scotland Yard,  He doubts himself, is fragile and vulnerable, but needs to see he can again have a productive life,

The case is complex, with lots of possible suspects, but the main one is a hero of the war, winner of the Victoria Cross, and there's pressure from London and even the King to find anyone else guilty of the crime,

Rutledge, knowing his life never mind his job is on the line, tries desperately to reconnect with his instincts and identify the killer,

Great atmosphere and descriptions. Rutledge is likeable and sympathetic, and the mystery is awash with possible motives and perps. I'll definitely be continuing on with this series.