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57. Traitor’s Knot–Janny Wurts

I don’t give out many 4.5 ratings, but Janny Wurts’s series The Wars of Light and Shadow have now earned yet another one.

The 7th book of the overall series, finds Arithon, Master of Shadow, recovering from having survived the mysterious maze created by the mysterious Davien.  The ordeal allows Arithon to integrate his pain of all the loses he’s survived and returns to him his mage abilities. Now he’s not only a masterbard capable of using the powers of music to fuel his spells, he now has his mage sight and powers back in force.

He’ll need them, for he’s told there is a secret cabal of necromancers active throughout Althera and he’s called upon to help the Brotherhood fight them – before they can get their claws into Lysaer.

Intricately plotted, Arithon actually has a breather or two in which to plot and plan.

Can’t wait to continue this series.