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Plans for the New Year:

My plot plan for 2014 is to concentrate on several series rather than just jumping around like a loonie from one series to another. We'll see how well that works.
Series I hope to concentrate on:

Ian C. Esslemont and Steven Erikson Malazan Empire
S.M. Stirling's Alt History Nantucket Event extended series
Jo Walton's Farthing series
Connie Willis 's Time Travel Series
Iain M. Banks Culture series
Susan Hill's Simon Serailler series
Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series
Alan Furst's Night Soldier's series
Charles Finch's Charles Lenox series

No doubt I'll read other stuff as well, but I hope to maybe catch up with these. We'll see!


I'd like to recommend a series that I actually reread every so often.
The Nightside Series by Simon R Green.
The author is a sci-fi fanboy with lots of great references.
He also twists phrases in the most delectable ways.
I've read the first book of that series, and have the second in the TBR pile. I've also read something else by him, not Nightside that I enjoyed too.
He has two other series that I've read some of.
One is the Secret Histories novels about the Drood family pulling strings behind the curtains and protecting humanity from all manner of evil.
The other being the Deathstalker series about Owen and Giles Deathstalker sparking interplanetary rebellion.
He has two series that I haven't read yet, as well as a slew of stand alone novels.