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18. The Bone River–Megan Chance

A woman is brought up by her father to be an ethnologist, then when he dies more or less handed off to his assistant. She marries Junius because that is what her father wants, and she loves the wild and rough life of Northwest Washington coast in the 1800s.

She thinks herself happy until she finds a mummy, decides to study it and it begins talking to her.

This is the second book of Megan Chance’s I’ve read. She’s wonderful at evoking eerie atmospheric settings and here she is wonderful with it. You can almost feel the cold constant rains and the water in your books as you gather oysters and relics.  You can almost hear the dead speaking to Leonie as she fights to retain her scientific ideal even as her body is struggling with her dreams and her voices.

She veers toward romance for a bit, but I’m willing to forgive that bit because of the strength of the atmosphere she evokes.