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OMG department

The newest WMD aimed at 'Merica?  Titties.

".....Gary Grizzle, an associate professor of sociology at Florida's Barry University, says the trend represents a shift from a way of thinking in which a woman's ambition, not her sexuality, was considered the greater menace.

"For most of the '80s and '90s, the real threat, as far as women go, had to do with their career aspirations," he recalls. "Normally, we assume that when the focus is on women, they'll be very sexual and very submissive. It's the ones in the three-piece suits that scare the hell out of us."

Mr. Grizzle says current anti-nipple sentiments are steeped in the same notions that cause some religions to keep women covered up and out of holy places because a woman's "sexuality disrupts everything that men try to accomplish."


Of course we can't offend the lunatic right by letting nipples show!  Oh, godess, heaven forefend!  Pamela Anderson,  the new Saddam.

But, of course it makes sense.  Men are absolute mush when women are allowed to be out of the burka, since we all know where their brains are.

What the hell country am I living in?  Who stole mine?


This is tittaly absurd! (No this is NOT a typo.)
If some folks are already getting exited about a woman's nipples, is that the first step to legal female circumcision?? The first brick in the road to an unsexual, ungendered society? A 'bring out the clones' world?
Humph...I thought this when they started legistating on women showing their underwear..ala thong straps etc...

How long before women are forced into the burka?
I bet it's less than you'd think.