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Still Here

They are talking of a far earlier landfall- noon local.  And much closer to us.

Eariler landfall is better I guess, because it is often the sustained strong winds that weaken things and eventually destroy things.  However, I've not seen how this may affect storm surge, and we are very worried about that.  Ivan and Opal both were lapping at the house foundation.  We've done some reinforcment there but if we'd had a longer time between major hurricanes we might have been able to do more.  We'll see.

The generator is in place and ready to go, but we won't start it until after the storm has mostly passed.  We've got power lines run to the refrigerators and freezers.  We may try to power the tv to see if we can get it going.

We've already got some water leaking in under one east-facing door. We have towels along all the east facing windows too, since we did have some leakage through them from Ivan.

Angie and the grandkids were going to stay at their trailer!  and the storm has turned more towards them.  She is reluctant to go far because she is easily cut off by the bridges. We were relieved to hear she is going a couple of miles further north from the beach to stay with a friend.  A house, at least, not a double wide.  Granted her double wide has a heavy roof and all of that but still...

We have five families hunkered down around us so we all know we have a backup place to go if any of us lose a roof or face other structural damage.  Good to know.  The other side of the bayou has many families here too.  We're a stubborn bunch.


Best of luck with this! I hope that it's just a big storm with little or no damage and that the grandkids come out a-okay, too. I'll be thinking of you and praying that things go very well.
Good luck.