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So I'm reading a vampire book. Don't faint.  Me.  Well, since I'm creating a vampire character for Ghostletters maybe that's a good thing?

Sunshine, by Robin McKinley is a pager turner.  I was put off near the beginning when she painted a mundane world and then in one stroke of the pen altered it without warning into something totally weird. But I'm over it.  Compelling characters and a nicely done deep mystery as to what the hell is going on.


Et tu, Jean? You realize that I nearly changed the description of Ghostletters to "Conversations between fictional and historical vampires", don't you? And the real reason Mary Cecelia got so incensed at Josh was not because he was gay but because he was another vampire?

Oy, vey...
I know, I know.. Groan. When Anne and I started this stroyline we had no intention of creating any characters we'd actually keep around. They were supposed to be for the one storyline only. Except two of them sort of took over.

Ah well. You know how that goes.
Oh, how well I know. Abby was originally a throwaway character, except that draiguisge begged me to keep her around, so that we could co-write her. I had never intended on introducing Mary Cecelia except as Jack's daughter, who lived with him. And I know how these stories get away from us...Lisa and I had never intended on Jack and Dana being married; Flan was going to speak exclusively in sermons; Del was going to tell war stories from his years in television. The only reason I ever introduced Lana's family in Detroit was because someone had decided that she was going to have us all write a detective story that never quite got off the ground (she managed to piss off most of her cowriters, then left abruptly, although I think she's still hanging around, making sure no one makes use of her "intellectual property", so to speak).

Of course, I'm not writing any of them right now, at least not on Ghostletters. Who knows when I'll get back to that?
I loved Sunshine, but then I adore adore adore Robin McKinley in whatever book she writes. She's an autobuy for me.

And I know I was one of the historical vampires. Sigh. Sorry, John.


I was just reminded of the time that Anne introduced yet another bloodsucker to the list and Mary Cecelia got called everything but a fascist (and I'm not sure that she wasn't called that, as well) for a comment that she made about it.