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This and That

Yesterday we had 14 windows replaced. If you live on the water, especially salt water, with hurricanes, you find a lot of double-paned windows go bad. The seal fails and the glass gets moisture in between the panes and they become fogged and eventually you can't see a bloody thing out of them. 

Even without hurricanes we've had to replace a few each year, because we also get a lot of pressure shocks from the bombing range that is east of us. When they are testing large bombs the entire house shudders so you know a great deal of pressure is hitting those windows on the east side of the house.

Anyway, this company did a really good job for me, far better than any others I've used. They came when they said, and it was only a week or so later that they got the glass and came to install it.  Before Iv'e waited for weeks for the glass to be installed even after I've accepted the contract.

And since Ivan, you can't even get many companies to call you back, and some will tell you they have more work than they can handle and to call someone else.  It gets frustrating, let me tell you.

Anyway, it was about the price I expected and I'm glad it is done, particularly since it included the picture window in the bedroom which has a fabulous view out over the Bay.

Also, read (mostly) David Weber's first Honor Harrington series book.  What a disappointment.  I did not finish it, because I was so frustrated and tired of his depicting senseless death after senseless death. I'm ex military so I don't mind the tactical stuff and the military bits, but when you have your folks who are supposed to be the good guys setting up killing fields and then persuing your enemy unto death when maybe you ought to have talked, even if unofficially, and discovered the both of you wanted the same damn thing....  So I quit reading it because I liked the guy on the "bad guys'" ship better than I did Honor Harrington.  Sheesh.

Am now reading Jasper Fforde's first Thursday Next book (The Eyre Affair).  I'm enjoying it a great deal. it has lots of literary puns and is a mystey so that is a great thing. And who couldn't love an author who as Baconians going door to door to push their 'religion' of how it was really Bacon who wrote the plays supposedly by Will Shakespeare.  I mean, how much more fun is that than listening to Jehovah Witness missionaries?

Other than that, it is hot and sunny here. Jim is off fishing so I will do a fishing report update later today.

Have a great day everyone.


I really enjoyed all the Thursday Next books, found the world that was just that little bit removed from our own fascinating.