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 Tomorrow will be Jim and my 27th wedding anniversary. Scary. I can't begin to tell you just how scary that is.

We got married in shorts and tee-shirts on the beach in North Carolina, at the farthest tip of Cape Hattarras, just beyond where the lighthouse used to sit.

We were camping at Buxton.  Our wedding dinner was at the Kentucky Fried Chicken because no other restaurants were open.

We had found a woman preacher (NC didn't use Justices of the Peace alas) who agreed to get transported out there in a 4-wheel drive to do this, at dusk. I would not let Jim hold a surf rod.  I was totally mean about it.

We'd had to cart in our booze since Dare County NC was a dry county.

I was pretty well soused for the ceremony. Intentionally let me tell you.

27 years and I haven't killed him.  Wow.



Bruce and I have been married, let me see, 27 years too, this year (our wedding was in January). We were married in 1978, yes, though we both keep thinking it was really 1977, since it was so early in the year.

We had the whole traditional thing, we were both in white, with attendants, in the college chapel, no wine for the reception because it was in the Methodist church.... , snow everywhere... my yes.

And it is amazing that it can last that long and no one is dead yet.
Happy anniversary, tomorrow. Let's hope everyone remains alive! :-)
Felicitations, and may all hurricanes miss you.
Happy Anniversary last Friday! Sorry I missed it.