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Katrina Update

a bit after 7pm local and we're still here.

we've been sitting out on the upper deck letting the 30mph winds crash into us. It's pretty steady and so doesn't seem as hot and steamy as it really is.

Not much rain as yet.

Jim said he counted about 30 boats anchored out (I did get some pictures) but none of the fancy commercial boats like we'd had before. Finally those idiots decided that them crashing during every hurricane was pretty silly.  No idea where they put them this time but less for us to worry about anyway.

Katrina is down to 160.  well, any lessening is a good thing.



Those of us remaining form the Gaspe pifflefest (Susan, Lindley and Grada) send our love, best wishes and prayers from Quebec, for a successful outcome from the Katerine storm. Blessings, Lindley (Mrs. Merdle)