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Katrina Boat Stories

We've been sitting out on the back porch using our telescope to watch the sailboat Magnolia beating the crap out of a much larger commerical boat the MelanieDawn.  The MelanieDawn is on two anchors so it can't rotate as the wind changes the way the sailboats are.

As a result (and the fact that sailboats buck far higher than do power boats) the Magnolia's rode has gotten tangled over the MelanieDawn and is now driven down into a spilt on the commerical boat's gunwhale.  Huge chunks of wood break off on the commercial boat as the sailboat rises on a wave and crashes down onto the MelanieDawn.  Oi.

The wind is still out of the southeast, but when it swings around to the south west things will probably get worse for those two boats.

Water is still about the height it's been for hours.  My flowergarden is still high enough to remain safe from the salt water lapping at its heels.