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Katrina Update

The water in the yard is finally  going down.  Up until late last night it was still as high as it had risen and had quite strong waves breaking inside the fence. I was really really worried for the survival of my flower bed, which was only about a 6 inch rise away from being flooded, but it did survive!

We've had no damage to anything other than the yard itself, which has been in places scoured out very deeply and in others built up with layers of sand.

The decking and the dock are fine. Jim did the Destin trick (removing every third board) and that worked like a charm. It lets the waves rising up under the walkway to come through them easily and relieves the upward pressure that pulls away the supports and individual boards and can even suck pilings up out of the ground.

Most of the neighbors stuff survived pretty well except at the low house next door. I understand they want to tear this house down and rebuild so they didn't bother with fixing up anything after Ivan or Dennis so there you go (they are living in another house in Niceville and this one is now vacant - must be nice to be rich).  Even so you'd think they'd have at least worked at fixing the dock which is now nearly totaled, and the seawall has had all the sand soured out from behind it and is very precarious at the moment.

The four boat tangle did eventually get swept to shore, luckily between docks and not through them.  Four really nice sailboats too, sadly.


I'm glad you are ok, have been thinking about you as I watched the news reports.
We were so incredibly lucky. I feel so bad for New Orleans and Biloxi. No doubt we will soon hear the Falwells and the Robertsons of the world saying the cities got what they deserved for their godlessness in tolerating gambling and ::gasp:: homosexuals.

Many people here visit both cities quite often, and many still have relatives from the area. We are all sick to see what's happened there.