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Protect the Rich and Stick it to the Military

Navy Times   documents the atrocities:

A group of House Republicans have proposed a plan to offset the costs of relief and rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina that includes trimming military quality-of-life programs, including health care.

So, to fund Katrina the GOP wants to cut military benefits and quality of life, even as they say the Democrats hate the troops.  Who hates the troops when they protect tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans even while they keep their children safe from the meatgrinder of Iraq and even cut benefits for the troops they praise.

Any military vet or retiree who votes for these clowns obviously is brain dead.


The stink of GeeDabya government is coming out of more and more places. It is horrible. It is staggering to see how quickly he is able to deteriorate everything that Clinton has managed to improve. The lack of respect for real people is obvious...