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NaNo Obsessed

I'm at 3309 words this morning.

Carmine, as usual, is surprising me.

I created Carmine along with my co-writer annef as a bit player in a piece she was doing. The Princes (other than her main Prince) were supposed to be just window dressing. Hah. Carmine took on a life of his own, much as my character Julian had many years ago.

So for NaNo I'm writing his back story, based on only a few markers in his life that were created due to events on Ghostletters. Now I'm trying to put meaning to his reactions to those events, his current temperament, and understand him a bit better.

At best, he can be noble and true. At worst he can lash out. He seldom trusts yet others seem to trust him. Probably because he has a fairly discernable moral code and keeps his word.

As Genevieve's dead husband said to her, "Don't trust Carmine."

But she does.

At any rate I put a link up on the right side of my main journal to where i'll upload my progress. I've got the stuff I wrote yesterday up there now. At the end of the day I'll add what i do here, and change the original bits if I edit or add to them as well. (I think I already have).