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The Cat Rescuers

So after we got back from the movie last night Jim was in the garage and kept hearing a cat. The neighbor who was also out and about said he heard it too.

Then one of our labs got curious and the little critter ran out from behind a spare tire in the neighbor's yard and ran to our dog.

NATURALLY... the rest is history.

It is now curled up in Brent's bed (he and his mom are living downstairs temporarily).

But of course we have to take it to the vet because it was crying last night and supposedly couldn't go potty.  Also, it looks very bedraggled and lost quite a bit of hair on its tail. (Clumps are out).

It is adorable, but I am not allowed to touch... ai.....  I'm allergic.


I'm allergic, too, not to mention asthmatic. Your point? Hope there's nothing seriously wrong with it, cause that would really suck.
How was the movie?