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No Wonder..

Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees

we are the laughstock of the world.  What exactly is she gonna threaten them with?  We'll call French Fries Freedom Fries?  We'll call English Muffins Alabama Muffins?  We''ll call German Shepards Alsatians?  Oh, wait....

Seriously. We've broken our armies, our economy is limping along, we've proven we're total idiots.

I guess she could threaten to send them Dubya.  Ah, THAT'S IT!!!!


Oh, no. Let them send him over. I would love to give him a warm welcome.
Lets not underestimate the USA, it owns most of Europes Economy. Where they to threaten to pick up their marbles and go home, well frankly the USA doesn't need the rest of world to keep their econmy going amd american business would love to have the whole of the states to themselves.

Of course, if the uSA stops trading, turning the states into a protected zone, it would probably crash the world economy. But isolationism is common mindset and the US Government would't care. Not to mention it would quite possibly give the american economy a boost, eventually trading from a protected base, they could weather the storm of global recession and end up dominating.


Too late ...

We don't need dear GWB down under ... mostly because we have our own JWH who is busy doing his mate's desire to the 51st state (aka Australia - least it feels that way on occasion)

But I must point out that I am not demeaning the PM or our Great Ally the USA in anyway (because the sedition laws in Oz will be such at the end of today that sarcasm and irony will be outlawed ... )