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Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus

This cactus has been just as happy as it can be sitting in that corner of the porch this summer. The porch is glassed in on the upper part and screened on the lower. In the winter we cover the screening with heavy-duty plastic, cover the floor with plastic and an indoor outdoor carpet and use the porch as a garden room/lanai. We eat out there when it isn't too cool. We also have a propane heater out there for when the temps get down near freezing.

We are setting up our Yule Tree out there this year instead of in the living room. WE'll see how that looks and hopefully I'll get a picture or two of it.

THis is with the new DiMage 6 and using the macro setting. Not bad, eh? This is made considerably smaller for LJ but I put the regular version up as my computer wallpaper.



Absolutely gorgeous photos!

May I ask why you chose the DiMage6 rather than, say, Canon S2IS (I have the S1 IS and am thinking of moving up to the S2 but am now wavering with your photos of the DiMage). Have you tried movies with the DiMage??

Lindley lroff@shaw.ca if you'd prefer to answer offblog.
Well, up until the last moment I was thinking I would get the Panasonic Lumix which also has a 12 zoom (it also has a Leica lens which I really wanted). But I'd been comparing that one to the DiMage all along.

The Lumix has a bigger lens than the diMage has, and I think the Canon S2 does also.

The Canon S2 has that swing out viewer which I wasn't really crazy about. Seems like it is just one more thing to worry about breaking. I like simple.

The only thing I'm not that happy about with the diMage Z6 is the viewer, when you are setting up a shot, is not very high pixel wise. But then I use the viewfinder rather than the larger viewer to do that anyway. I can't hold the camera steady enough if I have to hold it out to use the larger viewer.

Also, both the Lumix and the DiMage have an anti-shake technology thingie to make using the zoom easier. I didn't see where Canon had said that? But maybe I just missed it.

Still, if you like the Canon, it certainly has the zoom and uses regular batteries and an SD card so seems like it should be fine (altho it is only a 5MP and is more expensive than the Z6 which is 6MP)

I got the DiMage mainly because I found it for 35O US which was 100US cheaper than the Lumix.