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Small Towns and Good Deeds

We live on a dead-end road, so we know all our neighbors.  We talk to most of them several times a week. As a result, we generally watch out for each other.

So, I was sitting here at my computer. It is quite warm and humid out so the door and some windows are open.

As I was sitting here (I'm working so have to be by the phone all morning) I heard a crash and a groan and then, "Oh, God, I'm in trouble," followed by lots of groans  of pain.

I looked out the door, and finally saw our neighbor Geroge's head on his porch across the street.

I went and got Jim and sent him over there at a lope to see if George was okay.

He'd fallen off a ladder putting up holiday nights. He was cut and bruised but wasn't as bad off as he thought at first (he was afraid he'd broken something - George has been fighting cancer for years so is pretty fragile).

Anyway, story ends happily. George seems okay, so we didn't need to get him to the hospital or call an ambulance, and we feel better than we checked on him, and he feels better that someone was there for him when he needed help.

That makes it a good day all round.


This is a lot of the reason why I moved away from London. I got scared at being absolutely on my own - OK, so my elder daughter also lived in London, but she was an hour's journey away. I now live near Manchester, next door to my oldest friend, and if there is no sign of life from either house the other is around saying "Are you all right?" Reassuring.
Good for George and good for you!
George should probably have gone in and gotten looked over by someone, but still a good thing you were there!