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15 Things about me and books meme

1. I learned to read by myself. My mother would read to me and I would follow along. One day I was just doing it for myself. She later told me that she really didn't have to work on pushing me to read and she was astonished I'd picked it up like that.

2. My parents were not readers. My mother did spend time reading to me, but otherwise there were few if any books in the house. They read the paper, but otherwise, nope. Where I got my love of books, no idea.

3. Luckily I had a cousin who was 5 years older than me who spent the summers with us. That way I could go to the library, which was quite a distance away from our house. Sometimes we'd take a bus, but mostly we were too poor for that so we hiked downtown. I've been told I would take out the maximum number of books they would let me and still want to make two trips to the library every week in the summer.

4. We had a wonderful librarian ( and no utterly stupid rules back then) so when I'd read my way through the rather limited children's section she let me take out books from the adult stacks. Oh, she checked each book and wouldn't let me read some, but mostly the stuff I wanted was okay.

5. I have never forgiven the wretched children's book authors who wrote all those books about horses and dogs. They always end in tragedy. What, they wanted to torture us, or what?

6. For most of my childhood I got yelled at for reading too much. I was supposed to be outside running around, not reading.

7. Every night in my childhood I did the flashlight under the covers thing to read. Even when the cousin was there, I'd wait for her to fall asleep so she wouldn't tell on me.

8. I was in trouble. A LOT. When I was bad I was often sent to my room for punishment. Mistake! I had peace and quiet to read!

9. I remember how excited I was when I discovered a paperback copy of The Rainmaker and began reading it. It was supposed to be awfully adult and I'd been forbidden to read it. I read it.

10. My uncle, who sometimes lived at my grandmother's house, had a wonderfully fascinating library up in his room. I would sneak up there to go through his books. That was where I learned about poetry. That was where I discovered The Listeners. And Walter de la Mare, and so many others. My uncle, you understand, hated children and he frightened me. But I loved his books.

11. When we moved here to the Emerald Coast, the biggest thing I had to learn to deal with was no decent library. Some small towns had tiny libraries, but you had to pay to join if you wanted to borrow books. There was a library on the AF base, but it was extremely limited compared to the Viriginia library system we'd had just outside of DC. Oi.

12. As a result of 11 I've gotten completely out of the habit of using a library. Since we've moved here there is now a library agreement so everyone can use anyone's and ours is now immense compared to what Niceville's was back then. Still.. I'm out of the habit. I buy what I want to read, mainly because what I want to read is seldom there anyway. They have the best sellers but if I find a great mystery or sci fi or fantasy series, forget it. They won't have all of them.

13. I am extremely anal about reading a series. I HAVE to begin with the first book. And if I have the chance will read every book until I've read them all without reading anyhing else in between.

14. My favourite books I remember from my childhood: The Travels of Jaymie McPheeters (sp) and a mystery I've never found again. Something with Owls in the title. But it wasn't Trixie Belden (who I much preferred to the rather wimpy Nancy Drew).

15. I confess, I'd rather write than read. But then I'd rather read than do most anything else.


I write badly and it is a lot of effort to do even that. I would much rather read than write.

So glad there are people who like to write.

Just finished chapt 37 and am sitting, tail wagging, tongue hanging out, waiting expectantly . . . .