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Hunting Trip

So the old man has been on a goose hunting trip to Texas. Uhm.... Yesterday they got a total of one goose, and got poured on (we're getting poured on this morning).

The day before, they found themselves in the middle of a highspeed police chase at 5am on their way to go hunting. Seems the cops were chasing a motorcycle. JIm almost hit the motorcycle then the cop car came round the turn and sideswiped the other SUV (thankfully not ours).  That ceased the chase. Luckily no civilians were hurt but what the hell were they thinking?!?!?!  Idiots, on an adrenal high.

Needless to say the rest of that day didn't go too good, including them locking the keys in JIm's SUV and having to call AAA to come out into the woods to unlock it for them.


Hopefully today will be better for them.