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Okay, I confess I found that using the word for yesterday, agonistarch, was more than I could handle. A starchy coach?

Today's is pretty bad too: calamistrate. Sounds as if it ought to have something to do with Hurricane Katrina, doesn't it.  But no, instead it means 'to curl the hair.'   Well, okay, maybe it does have something to do with Hurricanes. They certainly do curl your hair.....


Whence cometh the Word? (although I admit to little enthusiasm for adding either of your examples to my vocabulary :<) ) .
the words are from a calendar - "Weird and wonderful words"

so far, merely weird!
This does beg the question of why anyone _needed_ a word for "starchy coach".
I would sooner think of Curlicane then...


A more correct translation might be "trainer of gladiators" ... in which case, and cosidering the way in which games of combat (football (all codes), boxing, cricket, golf, tennis &c) are used to distract us from what is going on in the political arenas ...

Sorry, been watching "Rome"!

Curiously enough *G*