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So. The pResident is coming to my little town. I can't believe it. Oh,
not that he hasn't been here before, but the fact that he's running for
President of the entire country and he chooses to come to the most
Republican and born-again bastion I know of. Pensacola, Niceville and
Panama City.

The man is in deep dodo if he feels like he as to campaign here of all

However you'd never know that seeing the lines around the block at the local
store to get tickets to see him.


Uh-huh, you got it wrong there Jean.
Kerry is the guy out canpaigning in the swing ststes and marginal areas.
Bush is just visiting those places that are already Loyal to him.

Same as you can buy tickets to get to see Kerry without anybody asking about your loyalties. Whereas with Bush, they do a background check and you have to sign a declaration pledging your loyality and support of Bush.

No, I am not kidding. I wish I was.
Actually, we are in agreement. Yes, Kerry and Edwards are going to the undecideds whilst Bush is preaching to the choir. That was my point, which I obviously didn't make clear.

As to the loyalty oaths, well, I haven't heard that one is required here, but yes, I did hear about the one required in Arizona. It is a travesty. That sort of thing scares the crap out of me. It is McCarthyism all over again.

Back when Nixon was President and he fired everyone who was investigating the Watergate affair, Black Friday it was called, I remember driving to the base the next Monday (I think it was). THe lines to get on base were incredible and I couldn't understand why the base was in lock down. My mind kind of went crazy. All I could think of was that Nixon was going to call out the military against our own people. I was mentally doing inventory. Where was my passport, could I get to Canada? There was no way I would have supported the military against my own people. (We, of course, had had armed military called out in Washington not long before against anti-Vietnam marchers so it wasn't all that out of bounds to consider this)

Luckily, the base was in lockdown with 100% ID checks because of the attack by Egypt and others on Israel. Luckily. Heh. A war that killed many people. Still, at least it wasn't a civil war in my own country. Nixon scared me that much. Bush scares me more.