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Wild and Wonderful Words

annef  tells me I've been falling down on my job doing the weird words thing: 

Jan 11 - antapology - so don't bug me for any more words cuz I'll apologize and you'll be forced to send me antapologies!

Jan 12 - tappen - honestly TMI you don't want to know - okay, here's a cleaned up version: how a bear makes quite certain he doesn't mess up his bed when he's hibernating.  made up of pine leaves (and apparently sticky substances from ant hills) ... one wonders, but doesn't really want to know!

Jan 13 - festuceous - means "like a straw" comes from festucaceous meaning 'like a stalk.'  Gee, can't imagine why this sucker has gone out of use. "Hey, Mary, you're hair is festuceous!"

Jan 14 - 15  - codology.  Ah, now here's a useful one.  "the science of leg-pulling."  Cod is an Irishism for a joke or hoax.  The hoaxer is called a codologist.  I've known a few of them.  I generally wanted to punch them out.

Jan 16 - aprosexia.  It sounds a lot more interesting than it is, alas. - sounds like ADHD - an abnormal inability to pay attention, characterized by near-complete indifference to everything.  Obviously has nothing whatever to do with sex. Hyperprosexia being its opposite. Most teenagers are hyper-pro-sex.  Hell, most men are their entire lives.

Today: onolatry - oh gods, my new religion:  The worship of donkeys or asses.  someone tell the Democrats!!!! - the root is from Greek mythology and refers to a onocentaur - a centaur with the body of an ass rather than that of a horse.


"festuceous" makes it sound like it's infested with something, like lice.

you're right. I really really don't want to know about tappen.

Codology sounds like the study of cod.

Onolatery... *zips mouth firmly shut*