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Weird Words

Behind again:

Wednesday:  hagioscope - an open cut in the wall of a church to let worshipers in a side aisle or chapel see the elevation of the host during the service.  Also called, less graciously, "a squint."

When I first read this I immediately thought about Egyptian temples. In each temple was a tiny hole, generally carved to look like an ear (and referred to archaeologists as "the hearing ear"), where petitioners could go to speak to the god and to sometimes hear the god/dess answer. 

In Egyptian temples only the priests could enter, you see.

Thursday:  rhinarium - The hairless and moist nose of some mammals. Ewwwww.

Friday:  Pooter - A suction botle for collecting insects and other small invertebrates. Named after F.W. Poos.  Lucky poosy.

Sat/Sunday:  utricide - A person who stabs an inflated vessel of skin. No clue as to why someone would want to do this, of course. Even the OED is silent on that issue. Comes from the Latin, meaning a "leather bottle."  Dang.  I was hoping for some kind of bloody murder or something.



Pooter: the thing we type on to access LiveJournal.

Pooter: somebody who has ingested WAY too many refried beans.
"rhinarium": a large clear glass tank in which one keeps pet rhinocerosesesesss
"rhinarium": the mineral from which rhinestones are made
"hagioscope": a special viewing device with which one can watch crabbed old ladies from a safe distance... OW!
Isn't there a hagioscope at El Escorial so Philip II could attend Mass and keep on working at the same time?